Rosè Partially Fermented Must

Grapes 50% ratio Brachetto and Muscat mix con vary year by year, depending on grapes characteristics.

Vineyards origins Hills of Agliano d'Asti and Nizza Monferrato.

Harvest Grapes collection occurs between the first and the second week of September, manually and selecting grapes bunches.

Vinification Grapes are softly crushed, in order to preserve all fragrances; must macerates with pomace for 4-5 days to extract all the color and the aromatic patrimony.
After destemming, fermentation is carried out at low temperature in autoclave. Bottling by isobaric filling.

Characteristics Cherry color, with purplish tinges. Ampie and cogent wine; wild strawberry, raspberry and rose notes.
Sweet and well equilibrateci acidity that makes it a fragrant and well-balanced wine.

Alcohol content 5.0 % Voi. real -13 % Voi. potential.

Recommended Parings Puddings, cakes, cookies, berry pies and sherbets. Perfect to drink alone at all times, when in need to take a moment to yourself.
Serving Temperature: 4/5 °C.